Rivera’s Surgery Went “As Planned”

Mariano Rivera

Yankees closer Mariano Rivera had surgery today on his right knee to repair the torn anterior cruciate ligament and according to the Yankees, the surgery went “as planned.” The ACL was repaired but the meniscus did not require any work. Rivera, 42, tore his ACL in May while shagging fly balls at Kauffman Stadium in [...]

Mariano Rivera Set To Have Surgery June 12


via Bryan Hoch – Yankees closer Mariano Rivera has set June 12 as the date for the surgery to repair the torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. Rivera, 42, said on Wednesday at Yankee Stadium that he is having no further issues with the blood clot in his right calf, which cleared up [...]

Rested and Ready


The baseball season is a marathon – a long, grueling season that tests endurance, stamina and focus. With constant travel and 162 games that span six-seven (if you’re lucky) months, there are very few off-days for players to recuperate – 18 days off to be exact. Each player has their own routine and ritual on [...]

Yankees Game 42 Lineup: 05/21/12

Hiroki Kuroda has had significant success at home this season. The Yankees need this from him again tonight in Bronx.

After five strong innings of work, C.C. Sabathia lost his command in sixth and dug the Yankees a hole they couldn’t crawl out of, resulting in Sabathia’s second straight loss. The series with the Reds didn’t go as planned and the Yankees lost two out of three games as their troubles driving in runs continues. [...]

Yankees Quarterly Report

All of Yankee nation is up in arms as to why there's been so many problems with the organization. The Yankees are off to just a so-so start, only one game above .500 after the first quarter of ball played.

A record of 21-20, perfectly reflects the Yankees performance through the first quarter of the 2012 MLB season– average. There has been a few bright points in the early goings, but for the most part, those have been few and far between and have been mostly overshadowed by poor play from the star-studded roster, on [...]

Living the Dream: Eddie Mata in the MLB Fan Cave

MLB Fan Cave

Picture a 15,000 foot funhouse complete with vibrant art, luxurious furniture, a slide winding around from the top floor to bottom, pool table, video games, countless baseball memorabilia, and over 40 flat-screen TVs. A place for you to reside all summer long to watch every single MLB game, from first pitch to last, all day [...]

Bats, Arms Can’t Find Rhythm

Both the pitching and offense haven't been able to get on the same page.

Coming into this year, the Yankees seemed to be one of the deepest teams in baseball. They had more arms than spots to put them, and a seasoned bench backing up future hall of famers. For the past two years, New York cracked the 850 runs scored mark, the only team to do so. Last [...]

Round and Round They Go: The Yanks Closer Dilemma

Girardi and the Yankees have yet to name a definite closer until Mariano Rivera returns

Since it’s been known that Mariano Rivera will miss the remainder of the 2012 season, due to a torn ACL suffered while shagging fly balls pre-game in Kansas City, the Yankee organization is on the hunt for a replacement until he can return. No reliever was ever officially named as the new closer, but the [...]

Mariano Rivera Had Blood Clot In Calf


Yankees closer Mariano Rivera was hospitalized overnight this week with what was diagnosed as a blood clot in his right calf. Rivera has been given blood thinners to treat the calf and says that it will not affect his recovery from his season-ending right knee injury. “I’m OK,” said Rivera, who admitted that he was [...]

Yankees Fans in NYC React To Mariano Rivera’s Legacy


You don’t have to be a Yankees fan, or even a sports fan to know that Mariano Rivera means the world to New York City. An Illustrious career of closing game after game with robotic like precision, and hardly ever giving fans more than the occasional runner on first to worry about will do that [...]

Sandman Shines When it Counts Most


When the bullpen gate at Yankee Stadium swings open and Mariano Rivera emerges, there are few moments in sports that compare. “Enter Sandman” begins blaring through the speakers, and after a few light steps on the warning track, Rivera begins to jog. The fans stop what they’re doing. Cameras flash, applause rises. Anticipation that another [...]

Yankees Game 26 Lineup: 05/04/12

C.C. Sabathia will look to remain dominant tonight against the Royals

The show must go on. Despite the heartbreaking news to Yankees everywhere, learning that the legendary Mariano Rivera may miss the rest of 2012 with a torn ACL, they will still play ball. C.C. Sabathia will take the mound tonight against the Royals in game two of a four-game series in Kansas City. In his [...]

My Mariano Rivera Moment


Growing up a Yankees fan, there are countless memories of Mariano Rivera stuck in my head.   World Series victories, his career record breaking save, splintering bats like they’re tooth picks – his play on the field may not be matched by any pitcher in our lifetime.  It wasn’t until recently though that I was unexpectedly [...]

Could Things Get Any Worse?

Legendary closer, Mariano Rivera, may be forced to miss the season with a torn ACL. Life without Mo won't be easy, but the Yanks will have to move on and find ways to win.

In an odd turn of events last night, Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, suffered a torn ACL while shagging balls in the outfield during the batting practice session prior to the matchup with the Kansas City Royals. Catching fly balls has been part of Rivera’s daily routine throughout his career and ironically enough, it may be [...]

Mariano Rivera Injury Update

In a routine he has taken part of since his days in the minor leagues, Mariano Rivera was in the outfield in Kansas City prior to tonight’s game against the Royals shagging fly balls. This time would be different than all the other routine catches he has made, as this time he would land awkwardly [...]

Mariano Rivera Injured In Outfield During Batting Practice


Via Bryan Hoch – Yankees closer Mariano Riveria was carted off the field at Kauffman Stadium on Thursday after appearing to suffer a right knee injury shagging fly balls during batting practice. The Yankees were hitting on the diamond just after 6 p.m. ET as Rivera received attention in the outfield, with manager Joe Girardi [...]

Yankee Former Farm Field in Upstate NY

Young Jeter playing for Albany-Colonie

For all you Upstate New Yorkers, like me, this may aggravate you. Growing up as an thoroughly-obsessed Yankee fan, living in the foothills of the Adirondacks, where the only way to get to see the Bronx Bombers play in front of my-very-own-eyes would be to beg my parents to drive 5 hours downstate, surely tested [...]

No Mo: Behind Big Bats and a Strong Bullpen, Yanks Have Had Little Need for Rivera

Yankee closer, Mariano Rivera, hasn't spent much time on the mound so far in 2012

With seven of their 12 wins this season coming by four runs or more, the Yankees haven’t needed to call on closer Mariano Rivera too often to this point. Rivera has only appeared in eight of the first 21 games, for a total of 7.1 innings on the mound. Five of those were save situations, [...]

Mariano Rivera May Announce Decision Before All-Star Break


“I think maybe it will be before the All-Star break” Yankees closer Mariano Rivera told Kevin Kernan of the New York Post regarding an announcement on whether he will pitch in 2013. Rivera came into spring training hinting that 2012 might be his last season. If Rivera retires, the Yankees will have to determine a [...]

Yankees Mariano Rivera Dominates Hitters

Enter Sandman

Mariano Rivera has been dominating hitters since he came to the Bronx – and has lived off the cutter for years by overmatching hitters time and time again.  Check out the below video from the New York Times – its a great Mo overview.