Jeter, Granderson Pacing All-Star Voting

Derek Jeter currently leads all Shortstops in All-Star voting (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Last night, Major League Baseball revealed its updated American League All-Star voting tallies. For both Derek Jeter and Curtis Granderson, it appears that almost regardless of what happens between now and when the rosters are unveiled on July 1st, they will be in the starting lineup representing the Yankees at the Mid-Summer Classic. The tally [...]

Changes to come in the AL East

Captain Derek Jeter will look to lead the rest of the lineup past the Rays in an attempt to turn the tides and take the top spot in the AL East

  With some key division match-ups set to take place this week between AL East teams, it may be a chance for the Yankees to either move up the ranks and get back on top with a few wins, or get pushed further down if they suffer any losses. The Yankees just wrapped up their [...]

Player Appearance Alert: Granderson Today at Lord & Taylor

Grandyman at Lord & Taylor on 5th today to meet fans

That’s right. The hot-hitting Curtis Granderson, will be doing a “meet-and-greet” at Lord & Taylor department store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, today at 5 pm. Might as well brighten up this rainy day with a handshake, high five, or picture with the artful center fielder. Grandy will be on the main floor promoting the [...]

Born to be a Bomber: Curtis Granderson

Curtis Granderson has become one of the league's top sluggers since joining the Yankees, proving he fits perfectly in pinstripes

  Last night was a homecoming of sorts for Curtis Granderson, as he returned to Detroit to face his original team, the Tigers, and he certainly made them pay big time, making them regret ever letting him go. Casey Cosby made his first MLB start last night for Detroit and his nerves were on display. [...]

All or Nothing for Yanks

The Yankees have heavily relied on the home run this year.

  Through 50 games, the Yankees season has been sort of Jekyll and Hyde. One night they can score 10 runs and pitch well. The next game, they’ll score two and give up eight. The lineup has been feast or famine. We all know the Yankees’ struggles with RISP; they’ve been well documented throughout the [...]

Living the Dream: Eddie Mata in the MLB Fan Cave

MLB Fan Cave

Picture a 15,000 foot funhouse complete with vibrant art, luxurious furniture, a slide winding around from the top floor to bottom, pool table, video games, countless baseball memorabilia, and over 40 flat-screen TVs. A place for you to reside all summer long to watch every single MLB game, from first pitch to last, all day [...]

Home Confines Comfort Curtis

Curtis Granderson's run production has been limited to the confines of Yankee Stadium.

It’s been common knowledge that players, regardless of sport, perform better at home. They can sleep in their own beds and can stick to the routines and superstitions that make them comfortable. This season so far, Curtis Granderson has taken home success to a whole new level. It seems as if his run production only [...]

Yankees Game 31 Lineup: 05/10/12

C.C. needs to keep it rolling for a big win in tonight's final game of the set against the Rays

  After last night’s blunder on the mound in the top of the ninth inning, by assumed-to-be interim closer, David Robertson, the Yankees need to bounce back in a big way in tonight’s battle of the best, between the Tampa Bay’s David Price and New York’s C.C. Sabathia. Last night, David Phelps gave the team [...]

Yankees Game 28 Lineup: 05/06/12

The bewildered Phil Hughes and the Yankees will look to get the club a win today as they still try to get it together.

  Once again, Hiroki Kuroda, along with the entire offense, underperformed last night  as the Yankees lost to the Royals in a 5-1 score. This afternoon Phil Hughes will get the start for the Yanks, as they try to get a victory on the road before returning back to the Bronx. Hughes has had an [...]

Yankees Game 27 Lineup: 05/05/12

Hiroki Kuroda will start tonight's game for the Yankees against the Kansas City Royals

After getting a much needed victory last night in Kansas City to snap their three-game losing streak, the Yankees will take on the Royals again tonight in game three of the four-game road series. Hiroki Kuroda will be the starting pitcher for the Yankees tonight, following yet another strong performance by C.C. Sabathia last night. [...]

Yankees Game 26 Lineup: 05/04/12

C.C. Sabathia will look to remain dominant tonight against the Royals

The show must go on. Despite the heartbreaking news to Yankees everywhere, learning that the legendary Mariano Rivera may miss the rest of 2012 with a torn ACL, they will still play ball. C.C. Sabathia will take the mound tonight against the Royals in game two of a four-game series in Kansas City. In his [...]

Could Things Get Any Worse?

Legendary closer, Mariano Rivera, may be forced to miss the season with a torn ACL. Life without Mo won't be easy, but the Yanks will have to move on and find ways to win.

In an odd turn of events last night, Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, suffered a torn ACL while shagging balls in the outfield during the batting practice session prior to the matchup with the Kansas City Royals. Catching fly balls has been part of Rivera’s daily routine throughout his career and ironically enough, it may be [...]

Left Behind: Yanks Sluggers Slump When it Matters Most

Cano, A-Rod, Teixeira, and Granderson have failed to produce for the Yanks when their swings matter most

The Yankees storyline through the first month of play, has been an intriguing one. Between the pitching woes that have left fans as well as Joe Girardi scratching heads with more questions than answers. Mixed in with a few key injuries that have plagued the team early: Newly acquired starting pitcher, Michael Pineda, out for [...]

Captain Contribution: Derek Jeter Comes Through Time After Time

Captain Derek Jeter is a proven clutch performer for the Yankees

Even when he’s doing nothing, Captain Derek Jeter still finds a way to do something to help the New York Yankees win games, as he so often does. Detroit Tigers’ pitcher, Justin Verlander, kept the strong Yankee lineup in check for most of last night’s game. This included Jeter who went 0 for 3 on [...]

Granderson: A Gentleman’s Ball Player

Ever since the day the Yankees signed Curtis Granderson, he has become a model citizen and the perfect Yankee. I have no doubt it my mind that it doesn’t matter what organization Granderson signs with, he would handle the same way; with class and respect. After following him on twitter and reading up on him [...]

Yankees Curtis Granderson – The Difference

Curtis Granderson - The Difference

  Today marks the one year anniversary of Curtis Granderson’s work with Kevin Long in Kansas City, which has been well documented thanks to Granderson’s MVP-caliber 2011 season.  When you really look at the numbers though, you realize how remarkable of a transformation Curtis has made in just one years’ time. Curtis has admitted “consistency” [...]

Yankees rebound after two tough losses,r:20,s:32&biw=1525&bih=712

After a disappointing loss Sunday to the Mets, the Yankees dropped another tough one Monday in Cleveland.  Through 6 innings AJ Burnett was throwing his best game of the season, with just a notch over 80 pitches entering the 7th.  An odd pop-up down the third base line that looked to be Brett Gardner’s ball [...]

The 2 hole in the yankees lineup

Has anyone else noticed how it seems to be very ironic the our 2 hole hitter seems to succeed each yr (specifically Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson)? I mean I am thrilled that Grandy is havin a break out year and i look forward to many more…..but is it Grandy or is it the fact [...]