Mariano Rivera Had Blood Clot In Calf

Yankees closer Mariano Rivera was hospitalized overnight this week with what was diagnosed as a blood clot in his right calf.

Rivera has been given blood thinners to treat the calf and says that it will not affect his recovery from his season-ending right knee injury.

“I’m OK,” said Rivera, who admitted that he was scared by the diagnosis. “I’ve never heard anything good about blood clots.”

Mariano tore his ACL shagging fly balls at Kauffman Stadium last Thursday, prior to the Yankees/Royals game.

There is still no date for the ACL surgery. Rivera actually has to strengthen the muscles around his right knee and have full range of motion before he can have surgery. The blood clot is not the reason he hasn’t had the surgery yet.

Before the injury, Rivera was leaning toward coming back in 2013.

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